11 Summer Swim Suits under $35

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I LOVE summer. It has always been my favorite season, aside from the sometimes blistering hot weather…ok, fine, the continuously hot weather. I love all things summer, the long days, the sunshine, going to the beach or the pool. It just feels so much more relaxing. No wonder I ended up moving to Hawaii. But hey, we do get a little teeny tiny winter over here too, so I wouldn’t exactly say it’s an “Endless Summer.” πŸ˜†

Since summer if in full swing, I thought it would be the perfect time to share some super cute swimsuits that are all under $30. Woohoo!

Floral Lace Up Front One Piece: $25.48

First off we have this vibrant floral one piece. I recently bought this one an I absolutely love it! I typically am a size small and although it fit pretty nicely, I decided to go with a medium for a bit more coverage. I’m not too comfortable with a low neckline or super cheeky bottoms especially all at once, and if you aren’t either, I’d recommend sizing up. I love little details and this suit has plenty. It has adjustable straps and you can also tighten or loosen the chest area to your liking.

Pink One Piece Swim Suit: $24.99

I love the color of this suit. I’m a sucker for anything pink. Hence “Thrifty in Pink.” It has good coverage which makes it perfect for running around the beach chasing after little ones!

Orange High-Waisted Bikini: Top: $4.99, Bottoms: $12.99

Sometimes less is more. This solid color two piece is so simple, yet so cute. I love the vibrant color, it definitely screams summer and fun days at the beach. And for a total price of $18 you could get two and spend only $36. Where all my budget babes at?!

Striped One Piece: $24.99

This suit screams summer! I love the pastel colors and the stripes are so cute. It’s got great coverage and solid straps to help support the ladies!

Floral Frill One Piece: $24.99

Florals, Frills and Polka dots?! All my favorite things wrapped up into one super cute swimsuit. So in love with that ruffle strap detail. Perfect for all day wear. Throw some denim shorts over it and you’re ready for the day! Seriously, so cute!

Bird of Paradise One Piece: $24.99

I love the bright colors on this suit, so much for for an even more fun summer. It also has a super cute lace up back!

Reversible Floral Bikini Set: $16.99

This bikini is like magic! Wanna know why? You start off with one bikini and then “Wham!” You’ve got two! How you may ask? It’s reversible! You’re definitely getting your money’s worth on this one! I love this floral print and the high waited bottoms. It’s super flattering!

Strappy Sides One Piece:$16.99

Another simple suit with just the right amount of detail to make it exciting, but not over the top. This one comes in orange and a fuchsia color.

Orange Striped One Piece: $29.99

I love the look of this suit. The light orange with the white stripes. It just looks so sweet, kind of reminds of a 50’s style suit. This one has adjustable straps and you can criss-cross them too!

Red Ruffle Bikini: Top: $19.99 Bottoms: $14.99

I love the ruffle detail on this bikini top. It’s so fun and bright, perfect for the summer!

Vintage Print Floral Bikini: Top: $19.99 , Bottoms: $12.99

I absolutely love the print on this bikini. That vintage Hawaii look is so beautiful. Such a great and classic pattern. This would also pair well with a white lace sarong. All the feels for this one! This one’s definitely going on my wish list!

I hope you found some great suits that you’ll love. I know I did and my wallet won’t be too mad either since these are all budget friendly! I hope your guys’ summers are off to a great start!

Let me know which swim suit is your favorite in the comments below!

19 thoughts on “11 Summer Swim Suits under $35

  1. I’m totally in the need of a new swimsuit that will fit this pregnant body all summer long! Love this list!


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