5 Statement Earrings under $13

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Hey Ladies! Today on the blog I’ll be sharing 5 statement earrings all under $15. I love statement earrings, I really think they can add that pop of color to bring an outfit together. A little while back I remember statement nacklaces were all the craze! But now, I feel like it’s transitioning into statement earrings. So here is a round up of 5 adorable but still affordable statement earrrings!

1. Tiered Metal Drop Earrings by A New Day $7.99

What I love about these earrings is that they are a neutral color, which means you can wear them with almost any outfit. Versatility is key when you’re on a budget!

2. Floral Drop Earrings by A New Day $9.99

These earrings are absolutely adorable. I am a huge fan of anything that has florals, s you can definitely count me in one these. Plus, they come in two colors, blue and gray, so whether you’re a fan on bold colors, or prefer something a little more subtle, these earrings can work for you!

3. Double Open Disc with Fanned Tassel Earrings by A New Day $9.99

For those of you who enjoy bold colors, these earrings are for you! I’m such a huge fan of tassels, and these earrings are no exception and at under $10, I’m sold! They come in two colors, red and fuscia.

4.Tassel Earrings by SUGARFIX (BaubleBar) $12.99

Ok, so these aren’t your typical tassel earrings, by they’re still tassel earrings, just with a little twist to it. They’re more of a beaded tassel. They’re such a fun piece that you can add to any outfit, especially since they come in a variety of colors (turquoise, yellow, red, pink, seafoam and black). With that many color options, I think they can work no matter what your style preference is.

5. Ball Drop Earrings by SUGARFIX by BaubleBar $12.99

And lastly, we have these light pink ball drop earrings. I recently bought a pair similar to these in a blue ombre, but they have a few more layers and are a little on the heavy side. However these earrings have less layers and I’m sure won’t be as heavy as the ones I have. They come in more sublte colors, but still make that statement which can really bring an outfit to the next level. They come in three colors, light pink, champagne and silver.

Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to read this post! I hope you enjoyed it and found something that you love! Let me know in the comments which earring is your favorite!





*Disclaimer: I was not financially compensated for this post. The opinions are completely my own. This post contains affiliate links.

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