5 Summer Shoes under $35

5 smmer shoes


Today on the blog I’m going to be sharing 5 summer shoes that I absolutely adore and they’re all under $35. Yay! I don’t normally like to spend over $30 on clothing, but I feel like when it comes to shoes it’s not a bad idea to put a little more of an investment in them. But I’ve rounded up 5 pairs of summer shoes that can go with pretty much any outfit and won’t leave your wallet hurting.

1. Michaela Pumps by A New Day $24.99

These pumps are so cute and they come in three different colors (blue, olive and fuchsia).  You can find them at Target. They’re the perfect shoe to dress up any simple outfit. These would be so cute paired with a simple white tee, distressed jeans with a light cuff. Once you add these shoes, viola, it looks like you actually put some effort into your outfit! Plus the heel is low, so they’re perfect for all day wear!


2. Women’s Emery Espadrille Sandals by Universal Thread $32.99

I CANNOT tell you how much I love these shoes! I pretty much wear them everyday and the proof is on my Instagram. But how can I not, when they literally go with everything?! They’re the perfect neutral shoe and great for summer! You can also find these at target.


3. Suede Ankle Tie Flat Espadrilles by Bettye Muller $22.00

I love espadrilles! Add ankle ties, and I’m sold! These simple and neutral flats will definitely go with any outfit! They’re super cute and simple.


4. Agnes Quarter Strap Espadrille Sandals by Universal Thread $32.99

I absolutely adore these shoes. They’re the perfect pop of summer color and they’re flats so they can easily be worn all day! I love that they have multiple straps which really adds some detail and that pop of color really let’s your personality shine through!


5. Rae Chopout Mule by American Eagle $10.00

I love pretty much anything pink! And these shoes are no exception, plus that chop out detail! Excuse me while a run over to Payless to buy these real quick! And Payless, can you believe it? I used to go there as a kid all the time, and I’m thinking I need to start going again. I’m in disbelief that these cuties are only $10. Talk about a deal!


So, in conclusion, I LOVE shoes! They’re so fun and can definitely dress up or dress down any outfit! I hope you enjoyed my round up of these 5 summer shoes, all under $35! Let me know which one is your favorite!




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